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What is WIM? 

WIM stands for “Women in Microwaves” and is the subset of women in engineering working within the field of microwave engineering and typically active within the MTT society.

Women in Engineering (WIE) Mission:

The mission of IEEE WIE is to facilitate the global recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines.

Meet the WIM Co-Chairs

Women In Microwaves Panel on Leadership:  How to Inspire Change

Tuesday, 24 May 2016; 13.30 - 15.10
Moscone Convention Center

The Women In Microwaves (WIM) organization, a subset of the IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE), will present a panel session entitled “Leadership:  How to Inspire Change”.  The panel will explore and discuss topics useful to all technical professionals who are striving to grow their leadership skills.

·  Examples and advice for inspiring change

·  What conscious steps can be taken to stand out from your peers

·  How diversity helps us avoid becoming stagnant

·  How to overcome career roadblocks

·  The role that visibility plays in successful leadership

The panel will include women IEEE Fellows that have been recognized by IEEE-MTTS for their technical achievements as well as their leadership abilities.  The panel will also include industry leaders from around the world as well as a tech industry leadership coach.  The session will allow attendees to hear firsthand how the panelists have become leaders and inspired change within their own organizations, whether their contributions have been in the commercial industry, the defense industry, or academia.  

Moderator for the panel will be Keysight Technologies’s Marketing Programs Manager, Kaelly Farnham.  Kaelly actively works to inspire and motivate change as a council member on the Keysight Society of Women Engineers Enterprise Program (KSWEEP). She is also communications chair on the their Employee Networking Group, Women in Leadership Development, which provides a forum for women to practice leadership skills, volunteer in the community, and resolve workplace issues related to women. 

DrKhanna image for webWELCOME TO IMS2016!

As General Chair, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 2016 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2016) to be held in San Francisco, California, 22-27 May 2016. IMS2016, organized by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technique Society (MTT-S), is the premier conference for attendees to learn about the latest information in the RF and microwave industry. IMS2016 will be held at the prominent Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco.

The IMS2016 mission is to facilitate a rich attendee experience by providing a forum for presenting technical papers on state-of-the-art RF and microwave related topics, exhibiting the latest products and technology solutions, and networking with peers and experts.

The need for speed and growing appetite for wireless gadgets are fueling the growth of the RF and microwave industry. Products at frequencies up to millimeter waves are quickly becoming key components of emerging consumer and commercial applications. This year you will find sessions on themes including 5G, automobile radar, wearable electronics, the internet of things, wireless HDMI, medical applications, as well as satellite communications. The themes will resonate throughout keynote talks, panel sessions, and technical presentations beginning with the opening plenary on Monday and culminating in the closing ceremony on Thursday. Many special programs to promote student participation—from middle school to college graduates—will be held. A reception for Women in Microwaves will be held as well. During the industry exhibition, to be held Tuesday through Thursday, over 600 companies are expected to showcase products and technology solutions of interest to conference attendees.

San Francisco is an early adapter of cosmopolitanism, starting from its very origins. Downtown San Francisco is alive with many culturally diverse restaurants and entertainment centers within walking distance of the conference site. San Francisco's cable car system, which is the world's last manually operated system, still remains fully operational and is an icon of the City. World-famous attractions including Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and the most crooked street in the world must be on your list to visit during your stay. You can enjoy the local culture by visiting Union Square, Mission district, Chinatown, and Japantown. With sweeping vistas on every hill, beautiful shoreline, picturesque landmarks, concerts, cultural activities and some of the best food, music and art in the country—it is easy to see why it is so hard to leave once you arrive in San Francisco. The beautiful city of San Francisco has repeatedly been named as one of the top-ten cities in the world. The only risk in visiting San Francisco is, as Tony Bennet knows all too well, that you may leave your heart there.

With all of what IMS2016 and the city beautiful has to offer, your time in San Francisco is sure to be fun and productive! The entire IMS2016 steering committee is looking forward to seeing you and extends a warm welcome!

On behalf of the steering committee, I promise you an enriching and fun experience.

See you soon!

Amarpal Khanna
IMS2016 General Chair