The IMS2016 team has developed a world-class technical program that will bring RF/microwave researchers and practitioners from around the world to San Francisco, California in May 2016. 

Technical Program Overview

  • Keynote Speakers during the Plenary and Closing Sessions
  • Technical Sessions comprise podium-presented papers, both full-length (20 min.) and short (10 min.).
  • Interactive Forum (IF) papers are evaluated through the same process as the regular session papers, and provide an opportunity for authors to present their work in a poster format and conduct detailed discussions in an informal manner with interested colleagues.
  • Focus Sessions highlight emerging new technical topics that are gaining importance and may be of significant interest to the microwave community. Focus Sessions may involve a specific emerging technology or may cover several technologies that are relevant to a common application. Focus Session papers are ORIGINAL works and are evaluated according to the same standards as regular paper submissions.
  • Special Sessions are designed to recognize events of historical significance to the microwave community and to highlight  achievements in a specific technical area, application space, or geographical region of the world. Special Sessions may also recognize the life work of an MTT member by honoring his or her technical and/or service contributions to the microwave community.
  • Panel Sessions are one hour and twenty minutes long, usually held during lunchtime. They showcase technical leaders from industry, academia and government debating hot, and typically controversial, topics in the RF/microwave community. Audience interaction is highly encouraged.
  • Workshops provide an in-depth and vibrant forum for academic researchers and industry experts to share in detail their recent research and development experiences and results on specific challenging and emerging RF/microwave engineering topics.
  • Short Courses offer opportunities for attendees to acquire a fundamental level of knowledge of specific technical topics from excellent instructors. Short courses can address any technical area within MTT-S, including new microwave subject areas, as well as related fields that directly impact the microwave community.
  • Microwave Application (MicroApps) Seminars serve as a forum for exhibitors at the IMS to present the technology behind their commercial products and their special capabilities. The MicroApps seminars are conducted in conjunction with the IMS Exhibition.
  • RF Boot Camp: an introduction to RF basics, targeting newcomers to the microwave world, such as new engineers fresh out of school, engineers changing their career path, and college students looking to gain practical experience.