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Technical Program Schedule

The service providers listed below are identified as "Exclusive", "Official" and "Recommended".

  • “Exclusive” – providers are those that the IMS participants are required to used because of agreements within the convention center and no other service provider is allowed to serve that function. 
  • “Official” – service providers that have been named by IMS as the main supplier of a specific service.  In some cases are also exclusive, i.e. electrical and material handling
  • “Recommended” – contractors show management suggests that you use.  Please note that we have worked with these contractors to ensure competitive prices.

You may have received calls, faxes and/or emails from other contractors not listed below. Note: they are NOT recommended by IMS2016 (exhibitors are not required to use recommended.) The official and recommended service contractors were selected for their ability to deliver quality services at competitive rates. You may order exhibitor services online, by fax or by mail using the links below.

Questions? Contact the IMS exhibits department at +1 303-530-4562.


Exhibitor Services (Official)
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Electrical (Exclusive)
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Moscone Center
Lead Retrieval (Recommended)
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ITN International
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Plant Rental (Recommended)
Sunborne Nursery


Photography (Recommended)
Lyle Photos


Security (Recommended)

Simmons Security



Exhibitor Appointed Contract (EAC) Form

Labor must have a union picture ID, work order and must be assigned to an approved EAC. Labor can come through the main Howard Street entrance to enter the building.