The following information will assist you in preparing your IMS2016 presentation.

A. Regular Session Oral Presentation (Slides):

An extremely important WARNING to authors about ITAR and publication clearances (PDF).

Presentation materials must be provided ahead of time so they will be ready at the beginning of the session.  A document (PDF) describing the procedure and requirements is available here.

Do not plan to load your presentation at the beginning of the session or just before you are scheduled to speak. Unless you have a special need and have made arrangements beforehand, you must use the computer provided.

Slides must be in electronic form; PowerPoint or PDF files are acceptable. Transparent slides, either viewgraphs or 35mm, are no longer used at the IMS. Technical paper presentation materials are not published or archived, so they need not be Xplore compliant.

Please see Oral Presentation Slide Template (PPTX).  These are especially important if you have never made an IMS presentation.


B. Interactive Forum

Please remember that papers assigned to the Interactive Forum require a written manuscript according to the same rules and deadlines as regular-session papers. The presentation is in power point format, however. For information on the interactive forum presentations, use the links below.

Interactive Forum Presentation Slide Template (PPTX)

Interactive Forum Presentation Guidelines