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Invitation to Submit Proposals for Panel and Rump Sessions: The IMS2016 Technical Program Committee is soliciting proposals for panel and rump sessions. Topics in the RF/microwave arena which are particularly timely or controversial are encouraged, as are topics which are particularly relevant to the symposium's San Francisco area venue.

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Panel Sessions: Panel Sessions are one hour and twenty minutes long, typically held during lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Examples of Panel Sessions at previous symposia include:

- Software-Defined Radios - Facts and Fantasies
Commercial Viability of RF-MEMS: A Reality or a Dream?     
- System-on-a-Chip vs. Heterogeneous Integration vs. System in a Package Microwave Photonics: A Growing or Shrinking Value Proposition? 
- Silicon at THz Frequencies: A Reality or a Dream? 


Rump Sessions: Rump Sessions are typically several hours and are typically held Tuesday evening. Examples of Rump Sessions at previous symposia include:

- Microwave R&D Funding Policy & Trends
Metamaterials: A Rich Opportunity for Discovery or Over-Hyped Gravy Train?     
- The Discovery of Gravity Waves Amidst the Noise


Contact Information: Please submit any suggestions or questions (not proposals) via e-mail to

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