What's Trending@IMS2015 — Internet of Things, 5G, Wireless Acceleration...

With IMS 2015 finally upon us, one thing you can look forward to seeing (besides IEEE ribbons, plastic badge holders, and fishbowls full of wrapped candy) is a great representation of the key technology trends for industry: The Internet of Things, the Drive to 5G, and the Acceleration of Wireless.

As the world gets ready for the expansion of The Internet of Things (IoT), you can expect to see IMS members driving solutions to handle the great increases in demand for wireless and microwave capable devices. Not only is the demand for the array and volume of these devices increasing, but the pressures to reduce time to market and cost for devices are increasing as well. We'll look to the solutions and discussions at IMS 2015 to see how designers, testers, and manufacturers alike are handling these pressures through improved software, components, and platforms.

While new 5G Standards are not expected until 2020, the work of researchers, developers, and prototypers of the 5G candidate technologies will be visible at IMS this year. In addition to the 5G panel discussion slated for Wednesday, we can look forward to seeing direct evidence of 5G candidate technologies on the exhibition floor. One such candidate technology, Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM), provides the potential to opportunistically exploit spectrum white spaces for wireless data communications. GFDM will be showcased in the National Instruments (Booth 2431) in a demonstration that highlights how 5G researchers are accomplishing rapid prototyping with the new LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite.

If you were lucky enough to fly to Phoenix to attend IMS 2015, well then you're lucky enough. But if your flight had 802.11 WiFi that allowed you to trim your overflowing email box, then you are the luckiest of all! The acceleration of wireless is resulting in increasing demand for every revision of standards such as 802.11 and we now see these wireless standards hitting the marketplace at an ever increasing pace. We can expect to see evidence of this at IMS 2015 as every researcher and vendor escalates their efforts to develop and bring to market new standards.

So while you're with us in Phoenix you won't need to stay glued to your Twitter account — at least for technology news — and we hope to learn from you the challenges and new vectors in your part of the industry.
See you at the show!

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