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You might think it's a long time until IMS 2015 in Phoenix, but I just realized that it's only seven, yes, seven weeks until the technical paper submission deadline!  We'd better get our skates on and get writing. Well, of course, you need to have something to write about, so I am assuming that you have already done the hard work – the design, modeling, build, characterization and measurements, and also come up with an explanation of what you have seen.  Writing the paper should be breeze from here. 

Not so fast; let's take a moment to think about what we should write and how we should go about it, to make sure that we have that best chance possible of getting our paper accepted into the most prestigious microwave conference in the world.  Fortunately, James Rautio of Sonnet Software has produced a series of three short articles on how to get your paper published at IMS:

Publishing at IMS — Part I
Publishing at IMS — Part II
Publishing at IMS — Part III

No guarantees of acceptance, of course, but you should at least go ahead and maximize your chances…and don't miss the submission deadline date of December 8th!

And if you don't have a paper to present, or a booth to support at the IMS2015 Exhibition, you should still be thinking hard about attending.  It is the biggest technical conference and trade exhibition in the microwave and RF field in the world. You will get the opportunity to see the most up-to-date technical results presented at the conference, see the newest microwave hardware and software, from the world's leading manufacturers, at the exhibition, and an unrivalled chance to meet new friends and colleagues, and network with your existing ones.  I will expand on this in a later blog, and we will have an article on the IMS2015 webpage with hints and advice on how you can justify to your boss why you should attend the premier microwave event in the 2015 calendar. 

Just what is on offer at IMS2015? In addition to the technical conference and trade exhibition, we will have workshops and short course on subjects of high profile and interest in the microwave industry, panel sessions in which some topical questions will come under consideration, student competitions, for students from high school through grad school to participate in, 'microapps' – applications seminars showing the latest in technology, women in microwaves events, and ample opportunities for networking.

Come to Phoenix in May 2015 to experience the hottest microwave technologies under the sun!

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