Newcomers to Microwave Week

At Murrietta Circuits, we have exhibited in our share of trade shows over the last few years, so when our friend Judy Warner, of Zentech Manufacturing, recommended we check out IMS we were very open-minded. Once we reviewed the website, we quickly agreed with Judy that this would be the perfect venue to showcase Murrietta Circuits and the eSurface technology that we offer.

We are “newcomers” to IMS and with that comes new opportunities.  We have been in business for about 35 years and during that time we’ve been involved in programs for the military; drones and wireless communications, aerospace; satellites and radar, medical; implantable devices and controllers for devices.  These are all very interesting and exciting programs and we take great pride in the quality of service we provide our customers.  

That being said, when something new and “cutting-edge” comes along, you can bet our ears perk up.  That’s where “Wearable Technology” comes in!!  It’s a very broad term that covers a LOT of different products and the technology seems to change daily.  You run the gambit from medical device sensors used to monitor a patient’s vitals, to athletes using a multitude of devices to track their performance, and my personal favorite are the “fitbit” type of devices.

These devices were created for the mere mortals among us who aren’t trying to break world records in running, getting their NFL contract renewed or swimming across the Atlantic in two days.  No, these devices are for everyone.  So let’s turn the IMS #WearableWednesday” into a “Wearable Week.” Hey, why not? Beyond the nagging-gadget aspect of it all, it really does serve an important purpose by helping us become more aware of our daily habits and hopefully helps us make changes that will improve our lives, society and the world.

Here’s where it gets really exciting!! Having recently partnered with eSurface Technologies, the way our circuit boards are designed and manufactured have changed. What this means for the RF and Microwave community is that we can hold tighter, more consistent tolerances between traces, make smaller traces, while offering unprecedented peel strength—all of which means better performance and reliability. While very much a young technology, it is clear that it has the potential to radically benefit companies in the wearables market, telecom, medical devices, UAVs, and a whole host of defense applications.

In a short period of time we have been able to consistently achieve +/- .0005 mil tolerances on traces, and we have gone from being able to offer minimum .004 mil traces to .001 mil traces—all in a matter of a few months!

So, we are very excited to join the ranks of IMS exhibitors this year, where Murrietta Circuits will be showing off one of THE Hottest Technologies under the Sun! Make sure to come by and see us at Booth #1542.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!!


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