MicroApps is a Great Place to Further One’s Microwave Knowledge

The IEEE IMS show is a terrific place to further one’s education on emerging technologies, state of the art testing procedures and all things related to the microwave industry. In addition to an exhibit hall featuring over 550 microwave industry-related companies, IMS2014 offers technical sessions, interactive forums, plenary and panel sessions, workshops, short courses, industrial exhibits, application seminars, historical exhibits, and a wide variety of other technical and social activities, including both student and guest programs.”

As a long-time attendee of the IEEE IMS show, I’ve come to appreciate the always popular MicroApps stage presentations. They are shown right there, in the center of the exhibit hall, where throughout the day, companies share with their latest and greatest technological accomplishments. At times, this can make for very interesting presenter/ audience interactions, especially when you are giving a show to a room comprised mostly of your main business competitors.

There are additional reasons for attending the show:

Newly graduated college students come to the IEEE IMs show in the hopes that presenting a technical paper that will land them a job. The already employed attend to learn where the industry is heading, and to keep tabs on what their major competitors are up to. An additional benefit of attending involves the multiple business networking opportunities. As the website suggests, “No other event in the industry offers access to as many technical experts, and product representatives, or provides as good a forum to exchange ideas and meet the people who truly move our industry forward.”

The annual IEEE IMS is a “must attend” event for our industry. A wide variety of technical sessions, workshops and short courses and seminars ensure that all attendees’ needs are met. The MicroApps presentations are designed to be extremely concise, limited to 15 minutes maximum so that you come away with the exact specific knowledge of each topic. You’ll also receive a CD containing a copy of every presentation made and many companies’ also video tape their sessions which are made available on the web for review at your convenience. I like the MicroApps presentation format so much that I even have the honor of giving a presentation at this year’s event titled “A Comparison of Various LDMOS Ruggedness Testing Methodologies”

So once again I am very much looking forward to this year’s IMS event and its accompanying MicroApps presentations. See you there in Tampa, Florida!

Leonard Pelletier work in the Application Support team for Freescale RF in Tempe, AZ and provides technical assistance to the amplifier design community. He has been with the company since 1995 working in this position supporting all RF applications. Prior to his work with RF components, Mr. Pelletier held amplifier design engineering positions with both the Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group and the Motorola RF Products Division.

Mr. Pelletier received a BA in Electrical and Computer Engineering from California State Polytechnical University, (Cal Poly) Pomona, CA in 1983 and received a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA in 1988. He is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California and has been working in the high power RF arena since 1983.

Leonard is married with a son and lives in Scottsdale, AZ. In his spare time, he enjoys boating, motorcycles, ATV’s and beach volleyball.

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