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Yikes, My First Blog

Yikes! Here I am, noodling away, trying to figure out why people aren't more conservative, at least when it comes to charge in transistor modeling, when I realize that it's only TWO WEEKS until the IMS technical paper submission deadline!  I hope you are already well into writing your summary paper.  If not, we need to get our skates on over the Thanksgiving break and come up with three scintillating pages of technical excellence and eye-popping interest.  I am assuming here that you have already done the hard work, maybe just last week, or perhaps you are going to dust off those measured data or notes on that clever theory that you did last February, and you're in a position to crack on with the actual writing of the paper.

Hold on, not so fast. Let's just take a moment to think about what we should write and how we should go about it, to make sure that we have that best chance possible of getting our paper accepted into the most prestigious microwave conference in the world. 

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The Hottest Microwave Technologies Under the Sun

You might think it's a long time until IMS 2015 in Phoenix, but I just realized that it's only seven, yes, seven weeks until the technical paper submission deadline!  We'd better get our skates on and get writing. Well, of course, you need to have something to write about, so I am assuming that you have already done the hard work – the design, modeling, build, characterization and measurements, and also come up with an explanation of what you have seen.  Writing the paper should be breeze from here. 

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