Christopher Marki is the Director of Operations at Marki Microwave. He is co-blogger of Marki’s award winning industry blog, lead designer of mixers and passive products, and resident (newbie) guitar luthier. His babies (i.e. his mixers, passives products and IMS inspired guitar) can be found on display at booth #634.

MTT/IMS: Farm to Fork Technology

Some critics say that attending IMS is a waste of time for engineers and designers. The popular complaint is that conferences, in general, tend to be long on marketing sparkle and short on technical rigor. Among engineers, I often hear the comment that visiting booths is pointless because booth staff is more intent on tagging your conference badge to get your digits (i.e. email contact) than actually answering your technical questions. Questions about technical performance or pricing are shoved into the inquiry-list abyss, and might be addressed within the next decade.

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Guest — Judy Warner, Transline Technology
Great Blog, Christopher. Looking forward to the show and seeing what Marki will be bringing to the feast! Our small industry reall... Read More
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 5:05 PM
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