You’ll see the signs around San Francisco - a seagull looking over one white shoulder into a blue sky, regal as an eagle, and the words: 49 Mile Scenic Drive. 

In 1938, when the Downtown Association created the 49 Mile Scenic Drive to highlight the city’s beauty and to promote it as a business and tourist destination. It was created as an entertaining urban diversion for tourists attending the Golden Gate International Exposition held at Treasure Island in 1939 to celebrate the building and completion of both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. The original 49-Mile scenic drive, showed off both of the bridges and ended at the Treasure Island fairgrounds.

Over the years, the route has changed many times. Today, the route starts at City Hall and takes you along many of San Francisco’s historic and iconic landmarks (37 different points to be exact), but no longer goes all the way to Treasure Island.

In a nod to this historic drive, IMS2016 has created it’s own “scenic route” to help you maximize your week! IMS is the world’s premier RF-microwave technology event and with San Francisco being a leading hub of wireless technology within the industry, we have themed IMS2016 as “The Gateway to the Wireless Future”. Activities on the IMS2016 scenic route are inspired by this overarching theme and are designated by the sign below.

IMS2016 Scenic Route:
1. RFIC Plenary Session
2. RFIC “Hot Chips and Cold Drinks” Industry Forum
3. IMS Plenary Session
4. IMS Kick-Off Reception
5. Focus Session: TU1E: 3-D Printing Techniques and Technologies
6. IMS Exhibit Floor Opening
7. IMS Student Design Competitions
8. Special Session: TU2B: Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Doherty Patent
9. IMS/RFIC Panel Session: Patents- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
10. MicroApps Keynote: Now You SeeMe, Now You Don’t; Mike Millhaem, Keysight Technologies
11. Women in Microwaves (WIM) Keynote and Panel Session
12. IMS Student Paper Competition
13. Young Professionals (YP) Panel Session
14. Amateur Radio Panel Session
15. Internet of Space Rump Session
16. Women in Microwaves (WIM) Reception
17. Young Professionals (YP) Reception
18. Amateur Radio Reception
19. Wireless Wonders Pavilion
20. RF Boot Camp
21. Preparing & Presenting Papers for MTT Conferences and Journals
22. Practical Workshop: Building a Modern Day Digital Radio
23. Focus Session: WE2C: Acoustic Multiplexers for Carrier Aggregation
24. Special Session: WE2E: Memorial Session in Honor of Kiyo Tomiyasu
25. IMS Panel Session: Are S-Parameters Dying?
26. MicroApps Panel Session: The 5G IoT Conundrum
27. Special Session: WE3E: A Memorial Recognizing “Mr. Microwave”- Seymour Cohn
28. Focus Session: WE4A: Spectrum Aware and Frequency-Agile Circuits
29. Industry Hosted Reception
30. MTT-S Awards Banquet
31. IMS LinkedIn Portrait Photo Booth
32. IMS STEM Program
33. Special Session: TH1F: Field Modeling and Applications- Retrospective and Outlook: In Celebration of Prof. Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer’s 75th Birthday
34. Focus Session: TH2A: Microwaves and Millimeter Waves in Scanning Probe Microscopy
35. IMS Panel Session: Doing Business in China
36. IMS Closing Session
37. 87th ARFTG