A 10 GHz Phase Noise Filter with 10.6 dB Phase Noise Suppression and -116 dBc/Hz Sensitivity at 1 MHz Offset

Student Finalist: Shilei Hao

Advisor: Jane Gu,

A 4ps Amplitude Reconfigurable Impulse Radiator with THz-TDS Characterization Method in 0.13┬Ám SiGe BiCMOS

Student Finalist: Peiyu Chen

Advisor: Aydin Babakhani,

A 60 GHz 64-element Phased-Array Beam-Pointing Communication System for 5G 100 meter Links up to 2 GBps

Student Finalist: Samet Zihir

Advisor: Gabriel M. Rebeiz,

A Concurrent 2.15/3.4 GHz Dual-Band Doherty Power Amplifier with Extended Fractional Bandwidth

Student Finalist: Mingming Liu

Advisor: Slim Boumaiza,

A High Dynamic Range 4th-order 4-8 GHz Q-Enhanced LC Band-Pass Filter with 2-25% Tunable Fractional Bandwidth

Student Finalist: Farooq Amin

Advisor: K. J. Koh,

A Highly Efficient CMOS SOI Power Amplifier for U-Band Applications

Student Finalist: Sultan R. Helmi

Advisor: Saeed Mohammadi,

A low cost and pipe conformable microwave-based water-cut sensor

Student Finalist: Muhammad Akram Karimi

Advisor: Atif Shamim,

A Low-Loss 1.4-2.1 GHz Compact Tunable Three-Pole Filter With Improved Stopband Rejection Using RF-MEMS Capacitors

Student Finalist: Abdullah J. Alazemi

Advisor: Gabriel M. Rebeiz,

A Novel 30-90 GHz Singly Balanced Mixer with Broadband LO/IF

Student Finalist: Yi-Ching Wu

Advisor: Huei Wang,

A Novel Microwave Non-Contact Current Probe with High Spatial Resolution

Student Finalist: Ali M Al-Ziayree

Advisor: Steve Cripps,

A Single-Chip In-Band Full-Duplex Low-IF Transceiver with Self-Interference Cancellation

Student Finalist: Xuebei Yang

Advisor: Aydin Babakhani,

Adaptive Harmonics Comb Notch Filter for Measuring Heart Rate of Laboratory Rat Using a 60-GHz Radar

Student Finalist: Tien-Yu Huang

Advisor: Jenshan Lin,

Comprehensive one-dimensional mathematical model of microwave sintering

Student Finalist: Erin M. Kiley

Advisor: Vadim V. Yakovlev,

Direct Optimal Synthesis of Microwave Dual Band Filters with Parallel-Connected Topology

Student Finalist: Huan Meng

Advisor: Ke-Li Wu,

Direct Synthesis and Design of High Degree Lowpass Filters with Ultra-Wide Stopband

Student Finalist: Zhiliang Li

Advisor: Ke-Li Wu,

Enhanced Q Double Resonant Active Sensor for Humidity and Moisture Effect Elimination

Student Finalist: Mohammad Abdolrazzaghi

Advisor: Mojgan Daneshmand,

Explicit and Unconditionally Stable FDTD Method Without Eigenvalue Solutions

Student Finalist: Jin Yan

Advisor: Dan Jiao,

Fully Printed Varactors and Phase Shifters Based on a BST/Polymer Ink for Tunable Microwave Applications

Student Finalist: Mahdi Haghzadeh

Advisor: Alkim Akyurtlu,

High-Power, Broadband Terahertz Radiation from Large Area Plasmonic Photoconductive Emitters Operating at Telecommunication Optical Wavelengths

Student Finalist: Nezih T. Yardimci

Advisor: Mona Jarrahi,

Interference-Tolerant Multi-User Radar System Using One-Coincidence Frequency Hopping Code with 1GHz Bandwidth at 24GHz

Student Finalist: Yu-Hsiu Wu

Advisor: Mau-Chung Frank Chang,

Magnetically Tunable Nano-Superlattice Metaconductors for RF Applications

Student Finalist: Arian Rahimi

Advisor: Y.K. Yoon,

Measurement of Sensitivity Improvement in RFID Tags

Student Finalist: Alirio S. Boaventura

Advisor: Nuno Miguel Goncalves Borges de Carvalho,

Modal Analysis and Closure of the Bandgap in 2D Transmission-Line Grids

Student Finalist: Ayman H. Dorrah

Advisor: George V. Eleftheriades,

Reconfigurable X-Band 4x4 Butler Array in 32nm CMOS SOI for Angle-Reject Arrays

Student Finalist: Amro Tork

Advisor: Arun Natarajan,

Theoretical and Experimental Verification of Intrinsically Switchable BAW Filter Design Based on Ferroelectric BST FBARs

Student Finalist: Seungku Lee

Advisor: Amir Mortazawi,

Transconductance Mode CMOS Synchronous Rectifier Circuits

Student Finalist: Soroush Dehghani

Advisor: Thomas Johnson,