Within technical marketing at National Instruments, Phyllis Cosentino focuses on the communication and support of new capabilities for RF, Wireless, Microwave, and Communication products. Prior to joining NI, Phyllis held senior leadership roles within Dell’s Communication Solutions Group, Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Division and AT&T Bell Labs RF Services and Wireless Development where she made significant contributions to the development and deployment of CDMA and GSM systems globally. Phyllis holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, completed the Program for Executives at Carnegie Mellon University, and holds several patents in wireless technology.

What's Trending@IMS2015 — Internet of Things, 5G, Wireless Acceleration...

With IMS 2015 finally upon us, one thing you can look forward to seeing (besides IEEE ribbons, plastic badge holders, and fishbowls full of wrapped candy) is a great representation of the key technology trends for industry: The Internet of Things, the Drive to 5G, and the Acceleration of Wireless.

As the world gets ready for the expansion of The Internet of Things (IoT), you can expect to see IMS members driving solutions to handle the great increases in demand for wireless and microwave capable devices. Not only is the demand for the array and volume of these devices increasing, but the pressures to reduce time to market and cost for devices are increasing as well. We'll look to the solutions and discussions at IMS 2015 to see how designers, testers, and manufacturers alike are handling these pressures through improved software, components, and platforms.

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Preparing to Kickoff IMS2014

So I know a couple in San Antonio. I know what you’re thinking – I’ve heard all those Texas jokes already. But I really do know a couple in San Antonio. Shortly after meeting this couple the three of us discovered that we were all electrical engineers and so we immediately began to analyze (as good engineers will do) how our various paths in engineering were interconnected. Not only did we have difficulty finding connections, but it also took us quite some time to really understand our various responsibilities and sectors (relational software, aerospace parts tolerance assurance, and RF/microwave design and test). The most interesting of these sectors, I’m sure you’ll agree, is the rapidly expanding RF and microwave sector.

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